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Unseen is an immersive soundwalk from which reimagines places which have been lost on the map of Warsaw, Poland.

Season 1 concentrates on the Interwar period and the area that is now Defilad Square and the Palace of Science and Culture.

Season 2, made in partnership with the Warsaw Rising Museum, is all about the most daring stories from the Warsaw Uprising, which took place over 63 days from August 1st to October 2nd 1944.

Season 3 is about the most significant locations from the Jewish history of Warsaw, a city that at its peak saw a third of its citizens identify as Jews.

Nov 23, 2021

Michał Weichert, a lawyer, but also an avant-garde director and theatre theoretician, lived at 8a Długa Street from the mid-1930s. A figure of great merit for the history of Yiddish and Polish theatre, he founded the Young Theatre (Yung-Teater).

Originally hailing from Galicia, the Polish territory partitioned by Austria-Hungary, Weichert settled in Warsaw only in 1918, as a mature man of 28. He came to the capital after a stay in Berlin, where he studied under the supervision of the famous director Max Reinhardt, a theatre reformer.

In Warsaw, he had an intensive career as a publisher and director, as well as a pedagogue. From the early 1920s, Weichert organised experimental acting studios in the capital, the first Jewish acting schools of their kind. Their graduates formed the core of the Yung-Teater in 1932, which Weichert was director of until 1939.

One of the seats of the Yung-Teater was located nearby, at 19 Długa Street, almost opposite 26 Długa Street, another building that is part of this series of Unseen.

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